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Wet traction
Rim Diameter 15 - 20 Aspect Ratio Speed Rating Q


1.Uniquie tread blocks greatly enhance the grip performanceon rough roads.

2.Well-designed rim protector will beagainst the accidental rubbing and damage.

3.Shapely and strong sidewall patterns minimize the cut injury in complex road conditions and improves the traction as well.

4.Special compound formula provides stronger tread and higher cut-resistance performance.

Product parameters

Size LI/SS Rim Dimensions Max.Load(kg) Max.Press(kPa) UTQG
OD SW NSD Single Dual
31×10.50R15LT 6PR 109Q 8 1/2J 781 268 15 1030 - 350 -
35×12.50R20LT 10PR 121Q 10J 877 318 16 1450 - 350 -