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Wet Traction
Rim Diameter 15 - 16 Aspect Ratio 75s - 65s Speed Rating T/R


1. Special Y-style directional pattern design will be excellent to improve the handling stabilityon ice-snow roads.

2.Multi-row studded design on shoulder blocksensures general tread rigidity and excellent steering stability on ice-snow roads.

3.High density 3D sipes are designed to strengthen the pattern rigidityand provide excellent grip performance on the ice land.  

4.Advanced silica compound enhances the traction and balance in winter drivingconditions. 

Product parameters

Size LI/SS Rim Dimensions Max.Load(kg) Max.Press(kPa) UTQG
OD SW NSD Single Dual
195/65R15 91T 6.0 635 201 10.2 615 300
185/75R16C 8PR 104/102R 5.0 684 184 10.5 900 850 475