COMFORSER CF9000 | Even long journey, still no failure

Feb 26th ,2024


Go to uninhabited wild places

Move forward bravely with hard core strength

Break through the dangers and shackles of the wilderness

Across thousands of rivers and mountains

Driving into the road ahead with infinite scenery

On the long journey

In addition to being supported by tenacity and perseverance

There are also essential off-road rides

COMFORSER off-road tires

Help a lot on your adventure


Professional Tire born for cross-country

Provides strong traction in harsh terrain

No failure on rocky roads

Deep cross grooves in the tread

Provide the ability to grip the ground

And strong bite and traction

The perfect ration of tire surface

For driving smoothly on different surfaces

The huge shoulder blocks

Helps drain mud and prevent stone trapping

The desgn of diamond block sidewall

Protect tires and make them more wear-resistant and puncture-resistant

Navigate through jagged rocks with ease

Optimized tread pitch

Serrated shoulder design

Reduces tire noise greatly

Wild and atmospheric design

More off-road style


Start the brave journey!

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