Comforser Racing Team Won Quadruple in 2017 COC, Xintian

Sep 25th ,2022

China Auto Off-road Championship (COC) came to a successful end in Xintian, Hunan Province on November 13th. Comforser Racing Team performed very well in this race and won four championships in the Open Group and Diesel Manufacturer Team respectively. Lead Diver Sun Hao won championship in the Open Group and Zhuang Guoping won championship in Diesel Manufacturer Team.
This competition was unusually fierce, three drivers of the Open Group took the lead in bringing audience a “heartbeat” moment. Sun Hao, who aimed at championship  of the Year, played with great consistency and won the championship with a lead of nearly five seconds. While Zhao Wei also played well, finishing runner-up with the result of 4 minutes 04 seconds 58.


Comforser Racing Team gained many achievements in this race, with the championship respectively in the Open Group and Diesel Manufacturer Team. With four championships, it’s no doubt that Comforser Racing Team was the biggest winner in Xintian 2017 China Auto Off-road Championship (COC).

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