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Technological Team

Product development expert


Technical concept

"I've always adhere to the product research and development is the lifeblood of enterprises, the only constant innovation and surpassing can make enterprise sustainable develop!"

Relevant working experiences :

UCHI worked in Greece for six years,Germany work for three years and the United States for four years.

In 1960, he joined in the SUMITOMO tire company of SUMITOMO group. And then with the SUMITOMO group acquired DUNLOP tyre company, he has been responsible for the DUNLOP 's product formula, quality control, technology research and development work.

After exit from the DUNLOP company in 2000, he worked in STANFORD company in Singapore for three years, responsible for TBR, PCR products research and development and quality control, and then worked for five years in Dubai. After adding to SNCTIRE in 2012, he has been in the core position of product research and development until now.

Jin Zhongda
Production control expert

Jin Zhongda

Technical concept

“ I always pay close attention to tire of the whole production process.Only in scientific rigorous standardization of production processes to provide safe and high quality products to consumers.”

Relevant working experiences:

1974.11~1977.5 kumho tire institute,Raw material input

1980.2~1988.11 kumho tire institute,Material research and design formula

1988.12~1994.3 GuCheng kumho tire factory ,(TBR) manufacturing technology,quality,engineering and technology

1994.4-~1996.12 GuCheng kumho tire factory,Chief in (TBR) mixer engineering section

1997.1~2000.3 GuCheng kumho tire factory,Chief in(TBR) calender/delivery section

2000.4~2001.12 kumho tire gwangju factory,Chief in (TBR) molding/sulfide section

2002.1 ~2007.3 kumho tire gwangju factory,Chief in (PCR) sulfide section

2007.4 ~2012.12 kumho tire(changchun)co.,LTD,Minister of the production

Honor obtained:

1993.12.31,founder of rubber cooperation automation program(M.C.C,)

2009.02,High and New Management Committee of Changchun city,Jilin province,China awarded the contribution for economic development.

R&D team

        SNCTIRE has core members of the R&D team with more than 10 years of experience in the tire industry, as well as formula and laboratory management experience in the technology centers of large domestic tire companies in China. We have key technical reserves in tire product appearance design, pattern design, structural design, dynamics research and integrated optimization research. At the same time, using the world's leading tire technology, we are committed to the research and development and innovation of tires, and continue to promote the research and development of high-end radial tires.