Comforser & Roadcruza Tires make a debut at in 2024 GT Show

Apr 26th ,2024

On 29th March,  Comforser & Roadcrua, two major off-road brands of Shandong New Continent Tire Co., Ltd, made their debut at the 2024GT Show Automotive Culture and Fashion Show Suzhou Exhibition


At the exhibition, the two major tire brands, Comforser & Roadcrua, brought popular series of products to the audience, showcasing the professionalism, richness, and diversity.


The driver Xiaohailang parachuted into the Comforser & Roadcrua exhibition areas. This five-year-old drifting prodigy appeared with his beloved car, handsome and cool, attracting widespread attention and becoming one of the exhibition focuses


Comforser tires bring popular off-road tires, such as CF3000, CF3000, CF9000 etc. which are popular among off-road enthusiasts both domestically and internationally.


Xiao Haiyangs car is equipped with Comforser CF3000 tires. This MT tire is highly favored by off-road enthusiasts for its strong grip, good traction performance, strong drainage and mud removal ability, and durability and puncture resistance



At this exhibition, Comforser brought a heavyweight product, the all-new EV series - the Comforser EF1500, a mild off-road tire designed for mid to high end SUV models in gasoline and new energy vehicles, which is very suitable for family self driving activities around the outskirts of the city.


Roadcruza tires bring cool off-road tires and newly launched electric vehicle tires. The cool Jeep is equipped with RA8000, with sharp pattern blocks, strong climbing performance, and grand appearance design, which has attracted attention since its debut.


2024GT Show Automotive Culture and Fashion Show Suzhou Exhibition welcomes friends who love off-road culture to visit the booth E3-45 of Comforser & Roadcruza tires, and together we will experience the charm of professional off-road tires

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