Persist because of love

Sep 25th ,2022

Always have to walk some way

Just know what a life is


Off road is a thing about dreams and passion

People who like off-road

I must have been curious 

about the world

Off-road road can fully experience a different life

Across the mountains and rivers, 

across the wilderness and the sea

Over the snow mountains and desert, through the boundless grassland


The pursuit of the expression of personality, is off-road

Yearning for the extreme study, 

is off-road

Accompanying you on the off road is COMFORSER


CF1100 is designed for all terrain

Perfect combination of speed 

stability and off-road traction

Super cool appearance of the tire 

side convex white word design

3D block pattern design

Effectively protect the tires from 

damage in bad road conditions

Special polymer materials are used

Have a better cutting resistance to 

the performance


Li SAO has said:

Also the good of the heart,

Although nine dead it still 

did not regret

The same is true of off-road

The off road world is free

There is no end to the off road 


COMFORSER never stops



 CF3300 whole three-tier fetal body

Multi-composite tread provides

 excellent traction

Cutting resistance and tear 

resistance of tires

Wide driving surface design

 improves the tire grip

Strong fetal shoulder tire 

side pattern block

Effectively targeted at all kinds of 

bad road conditions

In the off-road journey

You can constantly feel your life

Meet different people

Experience different things

Fill your life up slightly


Maybe at some point in the future

Recalling the off-road 

experience again

Will still be surging

As if back to the time on the road

Beautiful scenery along the way

The wind roared in my ears

The starry night sky


Because of love, so insist

I guess that's what off-road 

existence is about

COMFOSER tires pay tribute to every off-road enthusiast

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