Set off immediately and encounter the beauty of autumn red leaves

Sep 25th ,2022

What color is autumn?

Is it full of yellowing?

Or is the rice husk golden?



A splash of red like fire

is the right way to open

Don't stay at home, go now

Encounter the beauty of autumn leaves


"China Maple Leaf Avenue" - Shanwangping, Chongqing

Speaking of autumn leaves

Shanwangping Chongqing is no inferior

Early to mid-late November each year

Drive along the long and thin mountain road

One side is red leaves like fire

One side is dark green cedar

A road divides summer and autumn in two

One side is summer, the other side is autumn

Your speed will slow down involuntarily

and enjoy the beautiful autumn colors on both sides

Recommended equipment: RA710

How can you be disturbed by tire noise when you are enjoying the scenery quietly?

Roadcruza RA710

Unique silent tread technology

Soft touch shock absorption technology

Let your trip to Shanwangping

 turn on the silent mode

Devote yourself to the journey!


Flames on the Mountain Road - Miaofeng Mountain in Beijing

Hidden Routes for Autumn Appreciation in Beijing

On the winding mountain road

Strings of red leaves fluttering in the wind on both sides of the cliff

As far as the eye can see, it’s full of red

Like a leaping flame

Glistening in the sun



Recommended equipment: RA720

The mountain road is winding and twisting

You need more than just eyes for beauty

More need to deal with sharp turns and sharp turns of the sharp tool

A720 brings you agile handling performance in dry and wet conditions

Shorten braking distance and improve precise steering

Make your trip to Miaofeng Mountain easy


Grand Canyon of Red Leaves - Yesanpo Hebe

Grand Canyon of Red Leaves - Yesanpo Hebei

It is the soul of autumn

Grand canyon of red leaves in Yesanpo Scenic Area

It is still a small scenic spot

But when you drive an SUV in the canyon

Surrounded by waves of red leaves

No one will regret coming here


Recommended equipment: RA3200

Roadcruza RA3200 the explorer's off-road tire

Using DuPont Kevlar technology

Tough carcass structure

Provides excellent off-road performance and smooth high-speed experience

Even facing the difficult road conditions of Yesanpo

Just pay attention to the scenery in front of you

No need to worry about rough road

Go ahead calmly and fearlessly!


Red leaves in autumn

Missed once, wait another year

Select the appropriate tire

Set off immediately

Encounter a fire in autumn

Find the land of red leaves in your heart!

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