Mar 4th ,2024

The tough off-road king, proven over time

It can not only travel in the city, but also travel across mountains and rivers

The ultimate all-terrain tire

Best-selling product at home and abroad

Attack with quality

Comforser CF1100

Loved by professional players

Road, Climb, Mud, Rock

Real gold is not afraid of fire, real skills can be seen in actual combat

Comforser CF1100, born for off-road use

Multi-pitch design of tread, soft rubber compound added to the tire

Effectively reduces tire noise

Enhanced grip and braking between tires and ground

Unique 3D pattern block design

Protect tires from damage in harsh road conditions

More wear-resistant and cut-resistant

True all-terrain tires

Rock roads, river roads, snow roads, desert roads

Dirt road, gravel road, urban road

Easily adaptable to all road conditions

Sidewall embossed design

Cool appearance, fashionable and beautiful

Have strength and good looks

Speed stability and off-road traction

The perfect combination of Comforser CF1100

High-end quality, great value for money

Top All-terrain tire

Accompany every cross-country enthusiast to reach the destination safely

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