Comforser Tyre | To travel for freedom

Mar 11th ,2024

Self driving for freedom

Trajectory of tire rolling

Scenery lingering in one's eyes

It is the significance of self driving exploration

Severe slopes and rugged mountain roads

"Unmanned areas" one by one

They are all challenging destinations in the hearts of off-road drivers

Experience the roar that erupts from the silent mountains

Try a different and exciting off-road style

By one's own efforts

To seek and obtain calmness in the hustle

Tramp over mountains and through ravines

Wandering on the urban edge of high-rise buildings

Draw its outline with a trajectory

Various road situation, easily handle

Switch freely between cities and mountains

It is the Comforser brand All Terrain tire CF1100

Powerful and perfect for handling both paved and unpaved surfaces

Meeting with the different travel needs

3D pattern block design enhances road grip

Tread with higher natural rubber content

The pattern has stronger toughness and is more resistant to cutting

Strong ability to pass through tough paths and withstand punctures

Pop away gravel to reduce sidewall damage

Protect tires from damage in harsh road condition

Providing reliable support throughout the journey

Comforser CF1100

True All Terrain tire

Conquer various road conditions and even conquer your heart!

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