Experience and adventure!

Apr 2nd ,2024

Off-roading is an adventure

Explore the unknown in exchange for temporary pleasure

Off-roading is a thrill

Wash your tired body with thrills!

True off-road

It is a positive and upward attitude towards life

It is an infinite passion for exploring the world

Galloping all the way is both thrilling and enjoyable

There are many sand, stones, and mud on the rugged road

This greatly tests the off-road performance of the tires

Whether it's high mountains, Gobi, highways, or rural roads

Comforser tire CF3000

Demonstrated tacit and efficient action all the way

With excellent off-road traction, CF3000

Highly favored by off-road enthusiasts

Unique shoulder pad design

While protecting the wheels and side tires

Enhance traction in muddy and snowy conditions

Single directional "herringbone" pattern block

Increase traction in muddy road conditions

The perfect balance of drainage and sludge discharge has been achieved

Strong carcass design

Cured tire body protection

The sense of control and passability are doubled

Comforser CF3000

Accompany you to realize your cross-country dream

To experience, to take risks

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