COMFORSER tires | Discover the rare beauty of this world

May 21st ,2024

Off-roading is about breaking the rules

Everything unknown is full of novelty

The wind whistling past my ears

Clouds rolling over the mountain peaks

Raining suddenly

Wetting the car body leaves little spots

These are all gifts and medals left behind by this chance encounter.

And this carnival and chance encounter with nature

The confidence comes from COMFORSER Tires


The pattern blocks are rough and deep, highlighting wildness and tension.

Raised "herringbone" pattern

Greatly increase the grip, mud discharging and mud shaking ability

Thick connecting ribs between tread blocks

Wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, tear-resistant, impact-resistant

Strong passability on outdoor mud floors and non-paved roads

Allowing you to navigate off-road with ease

The entire series has more than 50 sizes, the most complete one in China

Especially suitable for large sizes and retrofit specifications

when you drive your car

When heading towards the mountains, the sea, the wilderness, and the uninhabited land

COMFORSER tires take you to explore

Discover the rare beauty of this world

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