Comforser CF9000 | Start the journey of the brave

May 24th ,2024

Unknown scenery and risks ahead

No fear of steep rocks

No fear of wading in muddy

Never stop thinking

Fully press the accelerator

Like a shooting start on the off road


Eternal off-road spirit

The never-ending pursuit of performance

New RT tires unleash new energy


Longitudinal arrangement of large block patterns

On outdoor gravel road, wetland, and rocky road

Stronger grip than normal tires



Stone block design with concave and convex sidewalls

The tread has different angles of cross groove

It can enhance the climbing ability of tires outside

It can also make the tires more wear-resistant and resistant to punctures

Meanwhile, improving the water drainage and throwing performance of tires


Optimized tread pitch

Sawtooth shaped tire shoulder design

Greatly reduces tire noise


Wild pattern design

Showing off-road style

Comforser CF9000

Start the journey of the brave

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