Comforser CF1100 | The true love for professional player

Jun 13th ,2024

King of the ranger

Transport inside of city, explore the wild and nature

Impeccable all terrain tire

Most popular sales record of all

Comforser CF1100

The true love for professional player

Paved road, mountain,mud terrain,gravel road

Genuine gold fears no fire

Comforser CF1100 designed for off-road

Multiply groove length, combined with flexible rubber compound

Effectively reduce tire noise

Increase grip and braking ability between tire and ground

Professional 3D designed pattern

Perfectly increased abrasion resistance and cutting resistance level

Well protect tire from any severe road condition

Practical all terrain tire

Rocky road,river bank,snow field,desert

Mud terrain,gravel,paved road

Sidewall embossed letter

Elegant and in style

Powerful and versatile

Speed stability and off-road powerful traction ability

Perfectly combined together as Comforser CF1100

Top quality with competitive price

Being the Ceiling of all terrain tire

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