For all the mountain and sunshine,Let’s enjoy every summer vibe

Jul 1st ,2024

It’s time to enjoy music and sunshine

Spectacular mountain and fresh air

Open a map,hit the road

We could drive and chill

Wonderful summer is here

We need to run into the nature

Pack your bag please

Let’s ride with Comforser!

Comforser brand new R/T  CF9000

The perfect companion for summer vacation

Comforser R/T CF9000

New design,new break through

Better performance and higher safety level

Wide tread pattern with vertical layout

Create perfect performance than any regular tire

On gravel road, wet ground or rocky pavement

Sidewall concave-convex design,inner wall diamond shape

Tire tread with multiple-angle crossover groove

All these combined together to achieve stronger climbing ability

Higher level of wear-resistance and puncture-resistance

Effectively lower tire noise by accurate groove-length calculation

To create super comfortable experience for off-road enthusiast

For all the mountain and sunshine

Let’s enjoy every summer vibe

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